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✓ New wine selection every 2 weeks (you choose which ones you want, no surprise wine shipments)

✓ No membership or hidden fees, and no monthly commitment

✓ Don't risk overpaying for poor wines (we try them all + give notes)
✓ Access to pre-release, reserved, hard to find wines

✓ Try wines not available in your local liquor store

✓ Discover new, unique, small producing wineries you've never heard of
✓ Ships to your home directly from the winery

✓ Join a fun, relaxed community of wine lovers (all levels welcome)
What Members Are Saying
(VIP Member) Michelle Goshinmon says:
"OkanaganWine.Club is great in that we are able to try wines that would not otherwise be available to us. Even when we do visit wonderful British Columbia and tour some wineries we cannot begin to visit them all. Admit it..........getting wine in the mail is so much fun"
(VIP Member) Michelle Beldi says:
"I constantly push Okanagan wines to anyone who will listen. It's the only wine I drink and I love that I'm supporting these small wineries!"
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